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My very special guest today is Katia Loisel...

Katia is the Founder and CEO of Love Destination, CEO of Wellness Destination from Melbourne Australia.

A connection specialist; Katia is a relationship and body language expert, TV host and Founder and CEO of Love Destination, a global on-demand streaming channel dedicated to everything love, dating and relationships.

Dubbed the Netflix for everything love, Love Destination is a global on-demand streaming channel dedicated to everything love, dating and relationships, with content that empowers, educates and entertains. Streaming over 1,500 expert-guided masterclasses, documentaries and films in tens of millions of homes worldwide. Stream on Apple iOS, Apple TV, Google Play, Roku, love or on your connected Vizio or Hisense TV. In 2021 Love Destination is launching a new channel, Wellness Destination, a corporate employee wellness streaming channel dedicated to taking the stress out of providing mental health and wellness benefits to employees, wherever they are.

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